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With the newly enforced “E-waste Management Rules 2016”, the country witnessed a renewed focus on the responsibility of producers to restrain the generation of e-waste through different take-back mechanisms, setting up a Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) and Deposit Refund System (DRS) and other mechanisms with a pre-defined set of targets that the producers will have to meet. Moving a step further from the previous version of 2011 rules, the new amendment aims to channelize e-waste from the informal sector to the formal sector and obtain Extended producer responsibility (EPR) authorisation through CPCB.

Extended producer responsibility (EPR) is the responsibility of every producer of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) for channelization of E-waste to authorised dismantler / recycler to ensure environmentally sound management of such waste.

After implementing E-waste (management) rule 2016. EPR authorisation is mandatory and has to be obtained by all producers including importer, e-retailers (online) seller / ebay etc.

A producer can implement its EPR either through take back system or by setting up collection centres for channelization of E-waste / End of life product authorised dismantler / recycler.

It has been also mentioned in E-waste management Rule 2016 that producer are required to have arrangements with authorise dismantler / recyclers either individually or collectively or through a Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO).

Pro Connect offers our EPR service designed especially for Manufacturer, Importers, Producers, OEMs of Electrical Electronic Equipments (EEE). We take complete responsibility for your entire EPR mandate by offering our services of collection and recycling of your e-waste through our chain of collection centre and recycler / dismantler across India.

Apart offering this service, we can help you in the following:

1. Assistance in EPR planning and implementation.

2. Form 2 (Record keeping) supports through our E-waste management software.

3. Form 3 (Annual return) supports through our E-waste management software.

4. Pan India Logistic Support (Form 6 Management)

5. Setting up EPR goals.

6. Collection, Storage handling and recycling of E-waste across India.

7. Hazardous waste disposal.

8. Awareness drive across India.

 Upon association with us, we take complete responsibility of fulfilling your EPR requirements as per E-waste (management) rule 2016.






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